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Sekumpul Water Fall


Sekumpul waterfall is the best waterfall on the island. This is two waterfall with two different water sources. Located in Singaraja regency around 2 hours drive from the city of Denpasar.
The Sekumpul waterfalls considered the most beautiful waterfall on the island of Bali. Off around 16 waterfalls this is the most superb of all. Located in Sekumpul village this waterfall take around 1km from the parking lot.

Sekumpul waterfalll. Click the picture above for more pictures Of Sekumpul Waterfall.
You can ask people to take you to the waterfall for a little of money and they will take you until the end of the road where from here you can walk around 50m to find out the most beautiful views from high ground.

Actually around Sekumpul waterfalls there are many waterfalls (around 7 waterfalls) but located scattered around the area. In order to get to all of them you must go down the stairs which is quite easy but hard on the way back up there.


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