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Jagatnata Temple


Pura Jakatnatha is the east side of Puputan plaza, and is beside the Bali museum. Puputan plaza is at the center of Denpasar that is state capital in Bali. Pura Jakatnatha is a temple of the biggest Hinduism in Denpasar. The surrounding of Puputan plaza has become burnt ruins because of the fight with a Dutch army. Afterwards, land duels such as Islamite’s mosques and Christian’s churches happened in this place that was the heartland of the town. However, the land was formally given from Bali state governor to Bali Hindu’s people, in 1960. And, it is a start of this temple to have built one small shrine in this place. The number of worshippers increased every year, construction started formally as Pura Jagatnatha in 1967, and in completed it in 1973.
Jakat means “Earth” and Natha means “King” in an Indonesian language. It is believed that highest god Id Sang Hyang Widhi of Bali Hinduism is a king of the earth. It is a meaning that it is a temple where the god is enshrined.
Pura Jagatnatha is in various places, and is said that Denpasar is the beginning. Pura Jagatnatha is a temple built so that the class, work, and the home are unrelated, and everyone may visit a shrine.
This temple has a big alter of Padmasana. Highest god Id Sang Hyang Widhi is enshrined there. Padmasana is made from a white coral, and there is a very beautiful decoration. This temple has a big tower where the altar is defended, and the pound of the lotus encloses the surrounding. Four bridges span north, south, east, and west in this pond, and there is god’s statue like defending the altar.
Puputan plaza is a place of people’s rests now. However, it is a place with the fight of Dutch army that wants to rule Indonesia and people in denpasar where it is obstructed in old time. The monument of the march of the fight at that time is built in the corner in Puputan plaza.
The festival of this temple is once a year. However, many Bali people visits the prayer on the day of the full moon. It is crowded so that it is not possible to take moving. People are praying the prayer from the night to the morning on the day of the full moon.
Moreover, it has been opening it for 24 hours in this temple that everyone can pray for at any time.


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