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Canggu Beach


Canggu Beach has a unique panorama and exotic for lovers of art photography, and making this beach has always hunted by professional or amateur fotogrrafer to capture images memancarakan beauty sunset atmosphere in the coastal areas.

Romantic feel in the coastal areas Awkward Beach is also often used as one of the destinations bai young couples or long-menikahsebagai sights honeymoon in Bali.

Enjoy the beauty of the natural charm of the beach with waves that shouted to the sound of birds in the Area beach became tour honeymoon in Bali will make impressed. We can menikamti suana dusk in the coastal areas of some of the beautiful scenery of a corner cafes that dot the region. While enjoying the culinary cuisine typical dish menu sea or options to suit our tastes, of shades dinner we would be romantic is not it? & Nbsp; especially for a young couple just married.

It crossed our minds of course, Bali Canggu Beach can be one of the romantic tourist attractions that we can choose. With the feel of an exotic and romantic beach like this could be an important moment in our lives with the people we love and meaning in life, and use many beautiful moments in coastal tourist areas such as the phrase we are applying or enrolling him. Romance is not it? and the beach has become one of the tourist areas in Indonesia.


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