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Candidasa Beach


Candidasa is the name of traditional village situated in the tranquility of Manggis District, Karangasem Regency, and east part of Bali Island. It is featured by the beautiful black sandy beaches, peaceful atmosphere, pure natures and serenity ambiance that make it as ideal place to stay and relaxation. Some international hotels and restaurants have been built to accommodate all tourists who love to stay in the peaceful area those are all set beside of the main road from Semarapura to Amlapura. It is just 50 km away from Denpasar City taking the highway of Ida Bagus Matra.

Candidasa is become famous from year to year due to it is featured by the beautiful beaches with sea breeze that make the peaceful atmosphere. It is a perfect area for relaxation that most of the hotels offer it complimentary. It is surrounded by the palm trees from the hill down to the coastal area and beautiful panoramic view to the Indian Ocean. There are also snorkeling and viding spots available with beautiful underwater life you can see.

According to Bhuwana Tattwa Maharsi Markandya mentioned that Candidasa is one of Parhyangan Widhi (palace of god) but it is not mentioned why this village is called by Candidasa. It seems that the name of Candidasa is related to the existence of Lingga that is located on the top of Candidasa hills. In the Lontar of Sang Hyang Atma Lingga , Linggodbhawa mention that the top of Siwa Siddhanta lesson is worshiping to Siva God and the Lingga as symbol of it existence. And then it is explained that Lingga has double aspects includes Siva Lingga and Atma Lingga. Both of these aspects are the process to unity with Siva God in meditation or rituals. Siva Lingga is a step where the Siva God goes into the human body through the head, meanwhile the Atma Lingga is a step when the soul unity with Siva God. In that time, in front of Bakta (Prayers) is set a Lingga while saying the holy word (Dasa Aksara) regularly. Based on that explanation, it can be predicted that the name of Candidasa is based on the holy word ‘Dasa Aksara’ then the altar is called by Candidasa.

Candidasa Temple is mentioned on Lontar of Bhuwana Tattwa Maharsi Markandya that is built by Rsi, Siva and Buddha Priest when Sri Jayapangus King rules in year 1112 Saka or 1190. Based on the epigraphic that the government of Sri Jayapangus is between 177 -1181 and can be predicted that Candidasa Temple is built on 12 century.


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