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The Best Bali Holiday Packages 2017


Go Parasailing in Bali! a recreational activity where you will be towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute, the boat then drives off, carrying the parascender into the air. Enjoy a panoramic view of the open skies and wide seas of Bali.
USD 25


Ride an Exhilarating Flying Fish in Bali! Hang on tight and experience flying in the air on this flying fish water sport ride! You will begin by lying down on the flying fish craft, then a speedboat will pull you out to sea. The speed of the wind will cause your flying fish craft to fly in the airs.


Go on Banana Boat Ride in Bali! Up to 5 people can ride on the banana boat together so you can enjoy with your friends and family! A banana boat is a long banana shaped inflatable craft that you can sit on while being pulled by a speedboat. Expect wind in your hair, splashes of the sea water and loads of fun.


Ride a Jet Ski! Feel refreshed with high speeds on the sea, an instructor will ride with you for your own safety. Solo rides are also available, but please ensure that you have jet ski experience and the license for ride the jet ski.


Try Wake boarding in Bali! One of the most challenging water sport available in Bali. You will be strapped to a board and pulled by a speedboat round the lagoon. Test your stamina, strength and balance in this water sport challenge!


Snorkel through colorful fish & corals in Bali! Be fascinated by the wonders of the ocean life while gliding through the surface of the waters. Snorkeling is suitable for all age and abilities, from beginners and children to advanced swimmers.


Take a Ride on a Banana Tubing Boat! Fancy sitting on a tubing boat, being rocked and pulled by a speedboat at top exhilarating speed. 2 – 4 people can sit on the boat and how fast you go is based on your request.


Meet Turtles! The island of a loving tortoise, meet and interact with these gentle loving sea creatures in natural environment. An unforgettable experience during your visit in Bali.


Go Diving in Bali! Get the fantastic and wonderful experience under the blue sea water with colorful coral and fishes from the smallest to the biggest one. The beautiful panorama under the deep blue sea and accompanied by the professional and experienced diving instructor will make your adventure is more enjoyable.


Fly Board Bali has the newest extreme sport! A fly boarder stand on a kind off snowboard/ wakeboard that pushed up by a high pressure water force. This water force comes from a 200 pk connected Jet-Ski.A fly board rider is able to fly up to 5 meters in the air or to dive headlong through the water. Professional fly boarders are able to fly up to 10 meters in the air.